Goccia Marchio.png

I am a self-taught contemporary illustrator, I create by listening to my intuition, following my imagination and getting inspiration from ancient art, other artists, stories, movies and my own experiences.

I started drawing when I was a child, but soon I had to forget the idea that art could be anything other than just a hobby, so I left my passion aside with the arrival of adolescence, dedicating my time to study in order to satisfy the expectations of the family and the society. In 2004 I graduated in Economics and Statistics in Algiers, the city where I was born and raised, and where I worked as a Banker before leaving for Rome in 2010 to follow the man I loved at the time. I then lived in Indonesia and Malaysia.

I started drawing again instinctively in 2016 in Kuala Lumpur, while I was going through the most uncomfortable and painful period of my life: my marriage was ending and I needed to recover authentic parts of myself, and to heal the wounded little girl inside me that I had abandoned for so long to fulfill other people's expectations. Over time art has become my best ally, it released the life force I had repressed for years and helped me empathize with my destiny and accept myself as I am.

I love to create by drawing inspiration from pictures through which I can express a deep feeling, share an experience or convey a message of hope and encouragement. I draw to empower myself and you! My illustrations are here to remind you that you are strong and powerful whatever challenges life puts in your path.

The forms I use in my illustrations come from a visual memory full of different cultural influences, but the most important are the Berber and the african ones.
I create by hand, using high quality pencils, markers and paper.

I currently live in Rome, Italy.